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You want new and recurring customers to come to you instead of you always going to them. 

My services can help your business become the hero prospects need with the answers and solutions ​​they're searching for online.

Virtual One-on-One or Group Training

Inbound Content Strategy & Planning

Virtual On-Call Advice, Insights and Support

Copywriting for Social Media and Websites

Content Marketing Audits and Tips

Competitor and Prospect Market Research

​Web Marketing Audit

I will assess your online presence and give you constructive advice on what to change to acquire more inbound sales

Market Research

I will evaluate your product or service and the offerings currently in the market and give you ways to differentiate yourself from your competition and more closely align yourself to what your market wants.

​Virtual Inbound Training: One-on-One or Group

I will train you or your team on how to figure out what inbound strategy, brand positioning, content and workflows you need to drive awareness and consideration, where to put it online and how to make sure you're on the right track.

I will personalize trainings to your use case and goals and help you establish a corporate identity.

​Inbound Content Research and Strategy

I'll create an inbound content strategy and give you a detailed, easy-to-understand plan for implementing, evaluating and adapting it.

This includes personalized, targeted workflows and automations to make the system as efficient and effective as possible.

This service can also include market research.

​On-Call Advice on Marketing, Operations and Customer Experience

- Get my feedback on your drafts, campaigns and your progress on your corporate branding activities

- Ask me for direction when you're stuck on your marketing strategy

- Request how-to materials to show you how to complete a task

- Get help with business process automation and operations management

The support you need when you need it without hiring someone in-house


I write organic (information-based) copy for social media, blogs, documentation, etc. to help initiate and support the awareness and consideration stages of inbound sales.

I'm a professional writer trained in journalism, corporate communications, public relations and marketing.

I love writing about how IT and software as a service can be used to grow and retain business.
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