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I've met and read about so many business owners who don't create informative user or marketing content or engage with their community online because it doesn't seem affordable or practical.

I knew I could change that. 

So I set out to interview a bunch of rad entrepreneurs on how content and community can become possible for even the smallest business for a podcast and voila. It's been a blast! 

Thank you to all my awesome guests for their empowering and enlightening insights! Stay tuned for more episodes.

How Does Entrepreneurship Lead to AI? A Chat with Edgar Brown of Engyne.

Episode 10: Edgar Brown and I talk about his experiences in entrepreneurship and how that led him to creating Engyne, an AI content marketing tool.

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"Knowing your audience isn't enough. It's becoming your audience"

Episode 9: Zach Messler and I chat about branding, positioning and customer relationship building in general in the digital business world.

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Meet Users Where They Are - My Chat with Cam Sloan of Hopscotch

Episode 8: Cam Sloan is passionate about optimizing user onboarding and I loved chatting with him about his tool Hopscotch and how to personalize the user onboarding experience.

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A Fellow Workflow Dork and I Chat Business Management - My Chat with Zlatko Bijelic of Tako Agency (and many other cool projects)

Episode 7: Zlatko founded a full-service Shopify Plus agency and we're both passionate about the automations and other systems that make growth attainable and sustainable. Hear us geek out over workflows and tools.

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How and Why Hubspot Collaborates with Their Superfans - A conversation with Christina Garnett of Hubspot

Episode 6: Christina Garnett is probably the best friend the world of community in business ever had. She gave my listeners a fantastic window into the ways a community can support a business.

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How Can Online Communities Support Entrepreneurs - with Natalie Franke of Honeybook

Episode 5: Natalie Franke has literally written the book on what makes communities thrive.

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How Can Niching Help Your Business? - A Chat with Tamara Sykes of Postali

Episode 4: Tamara shared with me the logistics involved with doing marketing for a marketing agency for law firms and attorneys.

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How to Get Value from a Freelancer - A Chat with Stefan Palios

Episode 3: Stefan Palios is super knowledgeable about freelancing and gave my listeners great pointers on how to be a freelancer and also how to get the most value out of hiring one.

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The Magic of Connecting with Your People - My Chat with Brian Sowards

Episode 2: Brian Sowards is an entrepreneur who believes very deeply in human connection as a critical business tool. He shares why.

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Community Engagement for Startups: Interview with Kendra Garagan of Moken Startups

Episode 1: Think community and content aren't accessible to you as a new bootstrapping or pre-seed startup? They're not only possible. They're essential. My first guest Kendra Garagan and I chat ways any startup can create content and community engagement.

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