Content Calendar Checklist

Creating a calendar prematurely will cost you money and distract you from your work and sales efforts. Here are some questions to ask * to help you decide if your business is ready to create a content calendar.

Have you run this campaign before?

1. Did your campaign reach the people who have influence over buying decisions, potential partners or other people in your ideal customer profile? Y/N

If no, you should probably stay in testing mode to figure out who to target and what kind of content they’d be receptive to.

How did you know your previous content was working out for your business?

2. Do you consider a campaign successful if it got more than a few post Likes, comments and shares? Y/N

If yes, aren’t measuring the right thing and so you don’t have sufficient data to determine how you should allocate your marketing spend. None of those engagements suggest an interest in buying from you or referring you and campaigns can be successful without any of those things.

If you had a funnel and/or personal contact as part of your content strategy and that led to warm leads, click-through or inquiries, this suggests it’s probably safe to do more of what you did during that campaign.

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