What if your content could multitask?

I bet you've seen people advocate for content distribution recently.  Turn one piece of content into five pieces for different platforms.

A gamechanger, am I right?! Especially for Business to Business (B2B) and SaaS (software as a service). It gets even better than that.

You can not only turn one piece into multiple pieces of content.

You can support multiple business goals for multiple use cases and departments with a multitasking strategy and knowledge management workflows to support the transfer of knowledge in the company while also creating sales and marketing content. I'm writing a book to show you how. 

I've titled the book Multitask Your Content:

Simple strategies to support multiple goals

With a single piece of content even a small business can do a combination of:

Training Staff

Educating customers

Persuading stakeholders

Launching market research

And a whole lot more.

You can also mine marketing and sales content from a variety of your business processes:

User interviews

UX research and product market fit research


Client communication

User-Generated content (UGC)

Client inquiries

Just to name a few

That means higher potential value, fewer customer service headaches, an overall safer marketing investment -- shall I go on?

In the book, I'll also do a deep dive into knowledge base software and share how to turn one into a hub for various departments and program processes to open communication between them.