Content Strategy Courses

Social media, email marketing, SEO, etc. are often seen as a "nice to have" and put on the back burner when a startup or freelancer is trying to keep their business alive. 

It seems like an impossible situation. 

You need marketing and networking to make a business sustainable and grow it, yet how can you think about hiring a marketing person when you don't have reliable income yet? 

Any entrepreneur can build a business with an awesome content strategy 

I'm not exaggerating and this isn't a get rich quick scheme.

Hi, I'm Ashley Ashbee

I'm a Marketing Consultant and Copywriter with 10+ years of experience making content strategy possible for small businesses.

 ✓ Course 1: How to find out what prospects and customers need and want

I'll show you how to get to know who your people are and find out what matters to them. This is key in sales.

 ✓  Course 2: How to build a rapport and credibility with your people and their network

I'll show you how to drive referrals and retention with effective and efficient community engagement. Hello, word of mouth.

 ✓  Course 3: How to Analyze and improve your performance as you go

I'll show you the signs your marketing isn't working and how to change it on the fly to keep you agile and profitable in competitive and volatile markets.

 ✓  Course 4: Define and refine your products and/or services

I'll show you how to make sure that you are creating and managing a business that either has an existing demand and when or how to create a demand.

 ✓  Course 5: How to Optimize your processes by programming the right systems, automations and other workflows

I'll show you to optimize your time, budget and resources and stay focused on creating and running a product or service people need and/or want.

 ✓  Course 6: How to Position Your Brand Effectively

I'll show you how to create, build and manage a brand and stay on-brand so you can be seen as the go-to business for what you do.

 ✓  Course 7: When to Use Chat GPT, Chatbots SEO, Social Media, Publicity, etc.

I'll show you how to figure out where and how to focus your content strategy in the best way for your niche and goals. 

 ✓ Course 8: How to Create a Marketing and Communications Plan for Your Content Strategy

I'll show you how to formalize your proposal in writing and use that to get buy-in from your managers or executives.


Why am I creating these courses?

As a consultant I've repeatedly come across the same issues that hold people back with their marketing. It made sense to package my answers and have them available on-demand in a course.

Also, I keep seeing people ask in Facebook Groups and elsewhere for a course like this.

What else makes me a good person to teach a course like this?

I understand and have great empathy for the consequences of forgoing things because you don't think you can do them. For being overwhelmed by your limited capacity. 

But there is always a way. 

I call myself a workflow dork because I'm constantly learning new ways to maximize small resources.

Can I enrol a team or members in these courses?

Yes! You'll be able to order whatever quantity of enrolments you like. You'll just need to fill out a short form to give me the group members' contact information so I can enrol them manually.

Have any other questions about my course? Email me.