My Differentiator Lit Up When I Did This 
Google should not have been Stop One on my market research journey
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Why Do Internal Links Matter for Traffic?
Here's how you can you make the most out of internal linking to drive traffic to your site
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What does the Google Helpful Content Update Mean for You?
A quick and easy guide to making changes to rank sites with the Google helpful content update
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Make Your Feeds Simple, Exciting and Easy with Centralization
Here's how you can you make the most out of internal linking to drive traffic to your site
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Brand Positioning in Marketing Helps Your Business and Your Heart
My brand positioning wasn't good and I was so unhappy. Here's how I turned it around.
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Black Friday Isn't the Best Time for B2B Sales
Black Friday may seem like the ideal time to get sales for your marketing or technology business. But I (mostly) disagree.

These sales occur at the end of the year when companies may not have the budget to invest in creating a strategy and running it properly, but enough budget to buy the product or ...
11.21.2021 01:20 AM - Comment(s)
How I write more copy faster using the Google dictation feature.
12.05.2019 12:11 AM - Comment(s)
My Review of Optinmonster
Customize your lead generation with Optinmonster (Sponsored post)
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The Top 2 Ecommerce Mistakes You Want to Avoid
"How can I get more ecommerce customers," you ask? I share some tips in this post.
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In my marketing consulting, one of the most common frustrations clients express is that they aren’t getting much traffic to their website and hardly anyone will share their posts on social media.

If you’re thinking solving these problems is going to be a big headache, think again! Here are five commo...
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