My Differentiator Lit Up When I Did This 

02.06.2023 07:13 PM Comment(s)

Turning my services into products has had me ducking a lot of curveballs and it's been super challenging and, at times, infuriating.

It was also really slow process until I put the product development on hold to do some deeper market research to learn what people want that isn't currently being served in the marketplace -- at least not very visibly. 

I started combing LinkedIn posts, Reddit and Quora threads, Facebook Group post comments and many other places to get insight. Each clue led me to another clue and so on until I not only figured it out, but learned a lot about where my market hangs out, how to appeal to them and how to become discoverable to them via search -- specifically the search engine of each platform, not just Google.

Using Google can be super handy for market research if you already know for sure that people are giving that insight in crawlable content, for which you have already established keywords. But depending on where your market hangs out, you usually have to pick up a bunch of other breadcrumbs along your market research journey before searching Google can give you sufficient market intelligence and even then, a lot of valuable insight just isn't in Google.

This makes sense, in retrospect. People are much more likely to chat on social media and in comment sections about their problems and needs than they are to write blog posts about them.