Brand Positioning in Marketing Helps Your Business and Your Heart

11.29.2021 01:39 AM Comment(s)
I used to have terrible self-esteem in business as a freelancer. 

It must have showed because I attracted people who wanted work for peanuts.

I thought it was bad luck, but some pep talks and lectures in YouTube videos showed me that I attracted what I put out into the world. And that there are a ton of people who prey on that.

I've overcome that and have advocated a lot for self-respect.

Once I improved my brand positioning strategy, I improved my business. And I was a heck of a lot happier.

I've done talks to business communication classes and given advice to new freelancers looking for tips and used my social media presence and old blog to share how people can stand up for themselves.

The way you position your business plays a direct role in who you attract, who you engage, who finds you credible and why. 

So I was delighted to use my new podcast as another vehicle for my advocacy and the talks were so cathartic!

When I was recording podcasts with a few of my early guests, their insights really brought home the importance of positioning not just in content marketing, but in actually designing the products and services you offer.

Product positioning in marketing and product development is fascinating! Do you know your market? You should. Get researching. I'll share research tips in later posts so stay tuned!

The scope of your offering and the values you work by can make or break your business, but it's not just about surviving, it's about sustaining a business because you are well respected for a certain thing and that thing is the beating heart of your product.

Respect in your field is what keeps the wheels turning for both retention and sustainability. And if you don't respect and believe in yourself, you won't gain that from others.

It's such a simple, almost cliche concept, yet can be tricky to put into practice. My guests Brian Sowards, Stefan Palios and Tamara Sykes gave tangible, fascinating advice on how to position your business.

I found these conversations very empowering and motivating and I thought they'd be great to bundle here.

How has positioning helped you grow your business?

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