Why Do Internal Links Matter for Traffic?

01.09.2023 01:22 AM Comment(s)

I'm a big fan of automating whatever tasks can drive traffic to your site (especially high-intent traffic).

What if you could have an automation that not only saves you labour and time, but can also become a self-perpetuating promotion machine?

You can! It's called programmatic SEO and with just a spreadsheet and basic data points, you can create even hundreds of pages automatically, all above board with content that has the potential to be shared and linked-to.

You don't need to be a developer to do this and some content management systems have programmatic capability built into their site.

Internal links matter for traffic. Put them on auto-pilot

When your website links to other pages on your website, that helps search engines like Google understand the structure of your site and how beneficial it would be for people to see it. But creating internal links manually is boring and time-consuming, especially at a high volume -- with the exception of linking to an old blog post in a new one, for example. Doing that can be really interesting and enjoyable.

It can also help your SEO if these internal links get traffic, which they can if people or companies who are mentioned or have content on those pages share it with their networks.

One example is Spotify. For every artist there are many pages. Hat tip to Allison Sebolt for sharing this, bringing it to my attention.

How do you do programmatic SEO?

Check to see if your CMS has a programmatic SEO feature and if not, how to create one.

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